Woolen mill Fratelli Bacci makes use of a complete equipment and capillary production organization. The raw materials warehouse contains both raw materials from the most remote regions of the globe where animal farms are located, the fur of which will turn into precious yarn or, from yarn ready for the realization of fabric. The yarn is scientifically divided by composition, title and color, it is constantly monitored in quantities in order to guarantee flexibility and prompt response in relation to customer requests. In this context, the elimination of a family and/or the introduction of a new one can also occur following the fashion and requests of the moment.


The stylistic realization of fabrics is entrusted to an experienced technical staff and constantly updated on the currents of fashion. The design of new items is almost continuous and is intertwined with the production of fabrics ordered by customers. The yarns are initially woven by machinery such as hergettoth, Karl mayer, jacquard frames and orthogonal frames. Weaving, like all other production phases, is monitored at various levels by the staff, including the commercial who, benefiting from a management operating system (ITALFBRICS DI MULTIIDATA) of the latest generation, is able to provide customers with real-time information on the production progress of the orders issued.


As part of the weaving phase, two jacquard frames can be distinguished inside Fratelli Bacci's mill with which it is possible to obtain FABRICS MADE, i.e. fabric structures used mainly in furniture and which have often ornamental motifs. Thanks to our frames, computer design (CAD) and the particularly large yarn park, we were able to transfer these fabrics from the furniture to the world of clothing, much to the satisfaction and satisfaction of customers, who were able in this way to merge and mix these two great textile realities.


Once the material comes out of the weaving phase it goes through a series of production phases that, as the name itself says, acquires that appearance, that softness and that brilliance, which meet the liking of customers and that customers expect. The phases that distinguish this part of the production with its machinery, are the CROWDING in which the fabric undergoes various washes and the dimensional reduction that wool has always had and the FINISHING characterized in turn by a mechanical phase to extract the hair from the fibers of the fabric and a hydro-thermal phase that to make the fabric take on the expected final appearance.


The finished and checked fabric is stored for a short time in the shipping warehouse ready to be shipped to customers all over the world.