The company produces every year and according to traditional and historical canons an AUTUMN WINTER collection and a SPRING SUMMER.

There are many ways to present them:

FAIRS: widely distributed at various times of the year and in the appropriate geographical areas, the fairs represent the conventional opportunity of the official debut of each of the collections. Through the multiple replicas of the collection that comes at that specific moment presented in the stand, it is possible for customers to have free access or through a precise appointment. Through this last system you can access a complete view of the sample total tranquility.

SHOWROOM OF ITS SALES NETWORK: spaces and premises in which customers can view the company fabrics in a constant climate of comfort and professionalism. It is a system that has always existed, but in recent years it has seen a rapid evolution thanks to which customers not only have the opportunity to view the collections, but also find in these showrooms a meeting place to be able to exchange impressions, ideas, share projects in a relaxing and informal context.

COMPANY SHOWROOM: customers have the constant opportunity to view the collections at the Florentine headquarters, taking advantage of the unmissable opportunity to access the company's historical archive consisting of more than two hundred different collections. Not only that, but this is the only occasion when you can see a very particular sample. In full compliance with the exclusive contracts concluded with the most prestigious brands, the company has the opportunity to show the types and designs of specific projects of the past, the result of the collaboration between Woolen mill Fratelli Bacci and customers. A source of inexhaustible inspiration and enrichment for the designers of tomorrow.

APPOINTMENTS AT CUSTOMER LOCATIONS: time is up, as they say more and more often. More and more frequently it occurs for this, the impossibility on the part of customers to make trips and trips, pressed as it is from deadlines, meetings, rehearsals of fitting parades to other. Woolen mill Fratelli Bacci replaces, with total sharing and availability, heading, by appointment, to the customer headquarters, with its own collections and with its commercial and technical staff.

Woolen mill Fratelli Bacci is therefore able to respond to the requests formulated at any time of the year, which is why the official collections have for years been added additions and previews that allow to present in a almost continuous way new ideas, revisited and modernized concepts, customizations that represent a moment and a contribution of identification of the various brands.