A family group that has moved forward with a common idea, a company that has made its metamorphosis always in step with the times, managing to conquer international goals with a century of history projected towards the future and sustainability.

Company Sixty - Ten thousand - One million

The LFB produces medium-fine fabrics for all men's and women's clothing from dresses to jackets, from coats to overcoats for classic and sporty fashion.

The company covers an area of ​​10,000 square meters of its property on which a vertical and complete processing cycle takes place. The company's production capacity can reach one million meters per year.  [Read more...]

100 years of Tradition & Innovation

The history of Woolen mill Fratelli Bacci, which turns 100, is intertwined with the history of the family that founded it and guided it through a century, overcoming wars and natural disasters.

The company was founded in 1916 by Giuseppe Bacci, a bank manager in Prato, who created the Mechanical Cotton and Jute Weaving Mill with his five children. The business slows down due to the war that cost the family the loss of the firstborn Alfonso.   [Read more...]

Collections Creativity & Inspiration

We know how important its history is and for this reason copies of the autumn / winter and spring / summer collections, which the Lanificio Fratelli Bacci creates every year, are kept in the factory's sampling department, the place where they are born. and all types, designs and their possible variants are cataloged.

For this reason, thanks to a scrupulous and precise archiving of the samples, our customers can always find their exclusive past collections, or take inspiration or be inspired by ours.

And every year new collections are added to the past ones, creating a captivating mix between tradition and innovation, a tool and a starting point with which fashion can continue its splendid evolution.   [Read more...]

Production Raw materials & Style

The raw materials warehouse contains both raw materials from the most remote regions of the globe where animal farms are located, whose hair will be transformed into fine yarn

The stylistic realization of the fabrics is entrusted to an expert technical staff who are constantly updated on fashion trends.  [Read more...]

Sustainability Attention to the environment

For years in LFB it has been applying protocol 4sustainability for the chemical reduction system in its production processes. It is an activity that combines a demand imposed by the market and that Lanificio Fratelli Bacci sees as an indispensable opportunity for development.   [Read more...]

Our Agents

Our sales network distributed in a widespread manner in all areas of the world where traditionally brands design and create their garments, is ready to respond to needs and find, with the support of our headquarters, the best solutions to ambitious goals. of customers  [Read more...]