The great historical and economic upheavals that occurred at the dawn of the 21st century, the beginning of which is symbolically represented by the collapse of the Twin Towers of New York, oblige all companies to question not only the positioning within their reference markets, but above all their economic and financial strategies and the new economic situation created takes on completely different characteristics from the dramatic events of the previous century.

In the past, despite the difficulties, there was still a clothing sector that was highly potential and only suspiced by these events, ready to start again as soon as conditions allowed, but today we are witnessing complete and sudden changes in consumer orientations.

In this context, clothing loses many positions on the preference scale, we are witnessing a gradual but rapid de-development of the product that forces textile companies to multiply their efforts to maintain what has been good in previous decades.

Woolen mill Fratelli Bacci has successfully chosen the strategy of quality and excellence, having understood that the higher end of consumption seems to suffer less from economic difficulties, fine fabrics such as those in cashmere, angora and camel cover an increasing part within the collections alongside the types in wool, the historical heritage of the company.

The ever new investments in machinery and plants allow to take care of another aspect pillar of the chosen strategy: customer service and exclusivity, alongside its proposals; Woolen mill Fratelli Bacci is able to develop the projects of each customer by proposing its own valid collaborator.

The 21st century, therefore characterized by a profound change in the customs and customs of the consumer and the final, forced the clientele of lanificio to radically modify all strategies, both those related to the timing of orders, and those related to the choice of types and stylistic concepts.

In the last twenty years, therefore, the woolen mill has strategically added to the flexibility of customer service, another fundamental principle to be applied to its business, so much so that it has a real philosophy of life: sustainability.

Working in full respect of the environment and the supply chain to which the dairy belongs has therefore become at the same time an opportunity and a necessary condition from which brands and the final consumer can no longer ignore.